Preston Roller Girls: Ready to Take On 2015!

BRC Logo2015 is set to be a really big year for us here at PRG. In fact, the entire world of roller derby is an unbelievably exciting place to be at the moment. This year we will be taking part in the British Championships and we can’t wait to get started!

Our team has been grouped into the Tier 4 Local North Division along with:
Spa Town Roller Girls
Voodoo Roller Dollies
Fierce Valley Roller Derby
New Town Roller Girls

You can see our team profile and fixtures on the British Championships here. All of the teams will be playing each other throughout the year and it’s going to make for some amazing events, both home and away. We are really looking forward to developing and bettering ourselves as a team, as well as having some wonderful road trips and making lots of new derby friends!

We have worked super hard in the last year, and the team has grown so much that we finally have enough members for a B team! We’ve already got plenty of scrims and bouts lined up. In addition to this, our first new intake of the year will begin in April, registration is now open. We’re always looking for new members, if you are interested take a look at our join us page – keep an eye on the blog in upcoming weeks for interviews with PRG members who’ve been already through our amazing Sinners to Winners course. It’s great to be growing our numbers and knowing we are getting bigger and better than ever, so we’re hoping to continue this onwards and upwards throughout the year!

Our first bout of 2015 is on the most romantic day of the year, Valentine’s Day! We will be playing the Central Belters (Bairn City Rollers), so please come check us and bring plenty of loved ones!

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