Join Us as a Non Skating Official (NSO)

Want to find out more about roller derby? Fresh meat and want to learn the rules? We always need more NSOs for scrims and bouts.

If you’re interested in NSO-ing, or want to know more, please get in touch on our main email, and you will be put in contact with our Head NSO.

PRG NSOsNSO Positions

Jam Timer The Jam Timer is the most visible NSO in a bout. They start each jam with a whistle, and time the two minutes for a full jam.
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If the jam isn’t called off early by the Lead Jammer, then the Jam Timer will whistle for the end of the jam after two minutes. At the same moment, they start timing the 30 second period until the next jam. When there are 5 seconds remaining, they call “five seconds” to warn the skaters, then whistle to start the next jam.

The Jam Timer also stands on track and indicates a hand signal if either team or the officials call for a time out.

Scorekeepers The Scorekeepers (one for each team) record the points scored by the jammer for each scoring pass. The score is indicated to them with a (very simple!) hand signal from the team’s Jammer Ref.
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The scorekeeper also notes down the jammer’s number and other details like whether they secured Lead Jammer, and if they called of the jam before the 2 min time limit. At the end of each jam, they add up the total for all the passes, and keep a running total of the score. A new change to the rules means that any mistakes in the scores can only be corrected by the end of the following jam, so the Scorekeepers, Jammer Refs, and Scoreboard Operator need to be in constant communication to make sure everything is correct.

Scoreboard Operator The Scorekeeper then tells the Scoreboard Operator how many points the team has scored, and they update the official scoreboard (which must be visible to everyone).
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The Scoreboard Operator also maintains the official game time (the one visible to everyone). They start and end each jam as indicated by the Jam Timer and Refs’ whistles. They may need to make adjustments to the time, as advised by the Jam Timer.

Penalty Tracker Penalty tracker records all the skaters’ penalties and when they committed them, using the designated code for each type of penalty.
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They must notify the head referee of any skaters in the current jam who are in danger of fouling out by receiving a total of 7 penalties during the bout (and the Jammer Ref, if it’s the jammer). They pass on the details of the penalty to the Inside Whiteboard NSO, who writes up the details on the whiteboard.

Inside Whiteboard Records all the penalties for both teams on a whiteboard in the centre of the track. This whiteboard should be visible to both teams’ benches, and the NSOs in the penalty box.

Penalty Timers Time the length of a penalty from when a skater sits down in the penalty box. With ten seconds remaining, they tell the skater to stand, and after the full penalty has been served, they tell the skater that they can return to the track.

Penalty Box Manager As well as a timer for each team, there is usually a Penalty Box Manager who oversees the box and times the penalties for the jammers. They are also able to issue certain penalties to skaters.

Lineup Trackers One Lineup Tracker for each team lists the skaters who are skating in a particular jam.

They also record details such as whether a certain skater sat in the penalty box in that jam, or whether the jam was called off due to injury.