Let’s Tally Up The Score!

Well, well, well look who turned up landing here again… Now I gave you the benefit of the doubt last time in thinking you had stumbled upon our blog whilst looking at the beautiful PRG skaters, but this time no excuses, admit it you have a problem….you’re hooked on NSO’ing!

But you know what it’s one of the best obsessions you will EVER have! I mean who doesn’t want to look at skater’s butts when in the sin bin (wait who said that? Iron Maeven was that you!) Anyway back on topic. We are so glad you did end up here again because you know what we have got a surprise for you.

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This week we are going to be telling you all about NSO’ing at the Tier 3 champs game in Birmingham and starting to look at each NSO position in more detail…..ah but which one I hear you all shouting (ok ok I will tell you!), well today we are going to be focusing on, drum roll please……..Scorekeeping (Wooohooo, yeahhhhhhhh).

So I think we will start with Tier 3 playoffs and hand it over to Dem’olisher.

So after setting off at 4am on a cold Saturday morning from Preston (dedication of course!) looking like a zombie and basically snarling I finally made it to Birmingham and the venue for 7.30am.

I was super nervous as this was my first champs playoffs without anyone else from PRG there (ahhhhhhh!) but you know what I was ridiculously excited. I couldn’t wait to see what the day had in store for me and well it was amazing.

I got to NSO 4 games and see some of the best refereeing/skating I had ever seen. I also think that I can now say I can score keep like a pro! I am not going to lie it was intense and the pressure was hard to deal with at times, just to try and put this into perspective, you have 2 teams of skaters who are working their butts off to score points and you are the one recording what the ref’s are telling you and relaying it to the scoreboard operator. If we get it wrong, well it all gets a bit crazy!

So at times NSO’ing can be a bit difficult, but you can say that about anything that’s worth doing! And well the people you meet, the places you get to go and the amazing skating you get to see makes up for all the early starts, extra time and the effort you put in!

Now onto the nitty gritty. As we mentioned today we are going to be focusing on Scorekeeping in all of its glory.

So where to start, well how about a definition of what scorekeeping actually is in Roller Derby (you can also find this here on our website)!


Scorekeepers: The Scorekeepers (one for each team) record the points scored by the jammer for each scoring pass. The score is indicated to them with a (very simple!) hand signal from the team’s Jammer Ref.

Make sense? I mean it might not (and man those hand signals can change!) so let’s have a look at what the hand signals might be:

Hand signals

Now some of you eagle eyed NSO’s out there may have noticed that the Ref’s you have worked with don’t use these signals and you would be 100% right, the reason for this is that they are open to interpretation. So this means that one of the most important things for a scorekeeper to do is to speak to their Jam Ref before the bout and work out a signal system that works for both of you.

Ok so now we have the signals done what’s next? Hmmmm lets go for the paperwork and how you mark it shall we?

Now I know that when I first looked at a scoresheet I nearly had a panic but luckily my NSO buddies were on hand to explain! We want to be your NSO buddies so let us explain:

You will have 2 scoresheets, 1 for each half of the game and each one will be labelled with the colour and name of the team, and you will also need to put in the jam ref’s name and your name on the top of the sheet.

This ends up looking like this:

First score sheet

The 1 on the end means it is the first half of the bout, at half time things then change with the set up as you see it here and you will move to scorekeeping for the other team, your jam ref does the same, so the only thing that changes is the team, the scoresheet for the second half would look like this:

Second score sheet

So now we can see that the team name has changed and so has the colour, but everything else has stayed the same except it is now the second half.

Phew ok time for a brew….

And we are back! Now let’s get onto the actual scorekeeping, so first of all the form looks like this:

third sheet

Now don’t look so confused we are going to talk you through each column! So as promised:

Jam Column – number of the jam

Jammers Number – the number of the jammer fielded for that team in that jam

Lost – you mark this box with an X if the jammer lost the lead

Lead – you mark this box with an X if the jammer gets the lead

Call – Mark this box with an X if the jammer calls the jam

INJ. – mark this box with an X if the jam was called off due to an injury

NP – mark this box with an X if the jammer did not complete their initial pass

Pass 2/Pass 3 etc – this is where you put in the number of points the jammer got for that jam

Jam total – this is the total score for that jam

Game total – this is where you put in the total for the game so far for your team

Finally one of the most important roles of the scorekeeper is to keep the scoreboard operator up to date with the score, as this is how the teams know who is winning!

Hopefully that makes sense! But if not well you could just get in touch and we could help you face to face at one of our scrims (was that subtle or what!).

And that’s it for this week, but don’t despair we will be back next week with another instalment of Whistles and Clipboards!

Remember if you have a question, want to know more about something or just want to tell us something then why not get in touch!

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