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Hello you wonderful, lovely person and welcome to the new feature from Preston Roller Girls; Whistles and Clipboards, written by the PRG NSO (non-skating official) team (don’t worry you will soon get to know all about us!), which is all about NSO’ing Roller Derby.

Sitting here writing this we are wondering did you extensively search on google to find our amazing blog (probably not, but we like to think you did!) or did you happen to stumble across it whilst looking at our beautiful skaters? Either way we are glad you are here, and well, not to boast but you are in for a treat!

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So what is this blog? NSO’ing is a HUGE part of Roller Derby and it is one of the most rewarding and satisfying hobbies you can have, we are here to tell you all about what NSO’ing is and how it works, are you excited yet? We know we are! So before we get into what NSO’ing is and how amazing it is let’s tell you who we are:

Our NSO team is made up of brilliant volunteers from across the PRG flock and on a weekly basis we can have any number of them helping out, really anyone we can get our NSO hands on!

PRG has 2 Head NSO’s (WARNING: Awkward ‘who we are’ profiles coming up);

maeveName: Iron Maeven

Number: 88

Started skating: January 2014

Position: Learning to be a jammer!

Dream job: I’m a student midwife – I can’t believe I’ll be getting paid to catch babies soon.

Career highlight: My debut for the PRG A Team at the British Champs, where we recorded the 4th highest score difference in European derby history!

Height: 5’5″

Hobbies/Interests: Derby and midwifery take up almost all the hours I have! Mostly I try to sleep in the ones left over

Dem'olisherName: Dem’olisher

Number: 13

Started skating: April 2015

Position: Dreaming about being a blocker/Co-Head NSO

Dream job: A mortuary makeup artist (sounds morbid but I would love to do this!)

Career highlight: Each training session I have something new!

Height: 5’4″

Hobbies/Interests: I have a little obsession with tattoos, I like all forms of craftiness and love English literature.

Origin of Derby Name? Everyone calls me Dem as my real name is Demelza so I just included it in my derby name!

Interesting Fact? I have over 40 tattoos and counting, 26 of them I did myself!

Now the politeness is out of the way let’s get to the point of why we are doing this. Well first things first we want to tell you about NSO’ing in all of its glory, why we do it, how it helps you become a better skater and why it’s so much fun, but I hear you say you can’t cover all of that in 1 instalment surely? And you fine person would be correct, so instead of rambling on about how amazing NSO’ing is which trust us we can do for hours, we are going to kick off this new blog with some of the basics.

There are lots of NSO jobs that need to be done at a bout, and we’ve got a little description of the main roles on our NSO sign up page.

NSO’ing is one of the most rewarding and fun hobbies that you can do in your spare time and the best thing about it is whether you want to skate or not you can still get involved (and if you do want to skate you can still NSO!)

We want to cover each position in detail so that we can inform you as best we can and we will also be giving you backstage (back blog? Is that a thing?) Access to the world of NSO’ing: from the recent tier 3 British Champs playoffs, to the perspective of NSO’ing from an A team skater. So we hope you come back for more!

Also why not get in touch? Maybe you have a question or a subject we can help you with, you never know we might just feature it in one of our blogs!

But for now we wave our panties (not the ones you are thinking of!) at you and say goodbye! Till next week

Iron Maeven and Dem’olisher

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